Winter is Hard on you Calgary Roof

Winter can be very damaging to your roof. Extreme cold can make roofing materials brittle and lead to pre-mature deterioration, while snow and ice have their own particular problems. Here is an overview of the unique problems winter brings to your roof and what you can do to extend its longevity.

Ice Dams

The coldest season of the year is full of potential hazards for your roof. One of these is the formation of ice dams, which can build up along the edges of your roof. A thick layer of snow can insulate the outside cold, while the heat from your home melts snow closest to your roof. This water can get under shingles and later freeze, pushing up shingles or separating gutters. The damage to your shingles and eavestroughs can create issues with water damage and/or mould.

We have more information in our article on ice dams.


Icicles may look pretty, but they can spell danger to your roof. First of all, falling icicles are a danger to yourself, your kids, and any animals you might have around the house. Secondly, clinging icicles can damage eavestroughs and fascia which are connected to the edge of your roof. Causes of icicles may include air leaks, insufficient insulation, and/or unsealed heating ducts.


Large buildups of snow and ice can weigh heavily on your roof and supporting structures. Too much weight can lead to an over-stress, which can cause the roof to leak, crack, or even cave in. If you notice your ceilings dipping low, cracks in the wall, creaking noises, or leaks, you should contact a roofing professional immediately. These are all symptoms of over-stress.

Over-stress is also a great reason to avoid layering new shingles on top of old ones. The extra weight of the shingles will only be exacerbated with heavy snowfalls in Calgary’s winters. This is one of the many reasons why Tony William will always remove your old roofing shingles.

If heavy snowfall is a constant worry, lightweight metal roofing will help take the strain off your roof supports and is extremely durable and long-lasting.  



With the exception of commercial and flat roof projects, we are currently quoting residential projects to commence in 2021. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Protect Your Roof From Winter Weather

While it’s not recommended you climb on your roof to remove snow and ice, there are precautions you can take to extend the life of your roof.

Keep your Eavestroughs Clean

Leaves and other debris left in your eavestroughs prevent water from smoothly flowing off your roof. This can lead to icicle formations, increased weight that may damage your eavestroughs and fascia, and even lead to ice dams. Cleaning your gutters is basic maintenance that should be performed at least twice a year.

Insulate your attic

A properly insulated attic will keep heat in your home where it belongs. Not only will it save money on utility costs, but it will also reduce the chances of ice dam and icicle formations.

Ensure proper attic ventilation

Adequate attic ventilation is a key component of a well functioning roofing system. Ventilation reduces moisture and heat build up in your roof, protecting it from damage.


Our Winters are Harsh, but You Can Take Steps to Protect Your Roof.

Help your roof withstand years of Calgary’s winters with preventative repairs and regular maintenance. Regularly inspect your roof for signs of ice dam damage, separated eavestroughs, or shingle damage. Tony William Roofing & Exteriors works all winter long so give our roofing experts a call if your roof needs replacement. We’ll be happy any answer any questions you may have.


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