Choosing the Best Calgary Roofing Companies

Advice on how to choose the best roofers for your Calgary home or business.

Finding good roofing companies in Calgary can be difficult. There are literally hundreds of roofing contractors to choose from, so how do you choose a roofer you can trust? It doesn’t help that the roofing industry is prone to scams and shady business practices. Here is some advice to help you choose a reputable roofing company.

The Best Roofing Company Referrals

The best way to find reputable roofers, or any type of contractor, is still direct recommendations from friends or family. A positive roofing experience from someone you know is still one of the most honest and accurate ways to evaluate contractors.

When talking to your friend or family about their experiences with the roofing company, be sure to ask many questions to get the best idea of the type of company it was.

  • Was original roofing quote accurate? 
  • Was the roof completed on time? 
  • Was the roofing salesperson knowledgable and friendly? 
  • Was the job site (your home) left clean and organized every night? 
  • What was the quality of the final roof replacement? 

Spend a little time and get all the details about the company you can. A little homework in advance can save you lots of headaches later on.  

Calgary Roofers on Google

Without a direct recommendation from someone you know, most people will turn to a Google Search to find a roofing company. It’s important to note that a roofing company's ability to rank high in search engines is no indication of the quality of the roofing work you will receive. 

Another thing to keep in mind with Google roofing search results is that many of the top companies have paid to be there. You can see in the attached images, which results are paid advertisements and which are naturally ranking.

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With the exception of commercial and flat roof projects, we are currently quoting residential projects to commence in 2021. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Roofing Advertisements

Did you hear our Tony William advertisements on the radio?

Many of our customers come through advertising like this. Radio is a good way to find roofing contractors because you can put a voice to the company. In our case, the founder and owner of Tony William, Steven Rogers, does all our radio ads. This is a chance to hear from the owner of the company and not just some paid voice talent.

Contractor Review Sites

There are now dozens of sites that review contractors and other local businesses. More seem to be coming online every month. It’s very difficult for roofing companies to submit and update their listings to all the sites, but there are a few good review sites to check out.

Homestars is still one of the best sites for roofing contractor reviews. They have a large number of roofing companies listed, including Tony William Roofing and Exteriors.

GuildQuality is site out of the US that Tony William also has many reviews on.

You can also try other sites like Google Plus,,, and even newer sites like Take a look at many sites, because most companies will only focus on one or two sites for their reviews. 

The Perfect Size for a Calgary Roofing Company

We think there is a sweet spot for the size of any contractor you hire. A company too small, working out of their garage, is more difficult to trust and probably doesn’t have the experience and expertise to handle diverse roofing projects.

On the other hand, when a roofing company gets too big, the owners are too far away from each project, so quality and consistency can take a big hit.

At Tony William Roofing & Exteriors, we think we are the perfect size. The owners Steven and Bridget Rogers work in the company everyday, and are very hands on with the company. We have a great team of talented roofers and renovators, but we also are small enough to make sure every job is done right the first time. That is the only way we can offer our 10 year roofing installation warranty.

We are big enough to have skilled teams of roofers, allowing us to tackle complex and custom roofing jobs that are just too difficult for smaller companies. Yet, we are still a family run company that offers exemplary customer service and detail oriented care in every project we do. We completed thousands of Calgary exterior renovation projects now, so we are speaking from experience.


When you are looking for Calgary roofing companies, we encourage you to get a few quotes and talk to different companies. We are confident that we offer great value, quality and service in the Calgary roofing industry. Give us a call at 403 - 454-1366 for a no-obligation consultation. One of our roofing experts will be happy to answer all your questions and help you choose the perfect roof to meet your home style and budget.


  • Company was recommended by a neighbor. I had estimates by two companies.Tony Williams was well under Gutter Doctor. Work was completed when promised. Crew was friendly and efficient. I would certainly recommend this company.

    David Ritch

    Google Review

  • We were very impressed with the service and workmanship Tony Williams Roofing & Exteriors provided us this past spring. We will be contacting them for any further renovation project we may have in the future.

    Rick in Calgary

  • This company came in as the best value for our money, they were on time, professional and answered any questions we had. The workers were great, cleaned up after and were done on time. Was very happy with this company!

    Kara & Brad

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