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Stucco is one of the oldest and still the most common types of exterior siding. The wide variety of colour and texture possibilities, combined with it's durability and insulating qualities make stucco a popular siding choice.  Stucco offers a great contrast to accents of vinyl siding,  kayu batu, brick or stone

Stucco is one of the most affordable siding materials and offers long lasting durability, strong fire resistance ad great insulation from both heat and cold. There are two main types of stucco siding and acrylic Stucco. Each has it's advantages. 

Traditional Stucco

Traditional stucco is made from a mixture of cement, sand and lime. It is applied on top of a wire mesh and provides the strength of reinforced concrete for decades of protection.  One of the primary benefits of traditional stucco is that it can be substantially cheaper than acrylic stucco. Despite exposure to temperature changes and wind-driven debris, it requires very little, if any, maintenance during it's lifetime. This endurance translates to a highly cost-efficient siding. 

Choose from countless sprayed or hand-troweled textures with the perfect, coordinating colour finish. Although, traditional stucco can be painted later, initial colours mixed in the stucco are likely to be slightly duller than acrylic stucco. Care must be taken when mixing traditional stucco to keep a consistent colour over your entire home. Older homes, prone to shifting and settling, are likely to show cracks in the brittle traditional stucco exterior. If you have an older home, a more flexible siding material will allow for more movement. 

Acrylic Stucco

Acrylic stucco or synthetic stucco is made of advanced polymers and therefore is more expensive than traditional stucco. Acrylic stucco is more flexible then traditional stucco so it is less likely to crack or chip with the settling of your house or under high-impact storms. 

Initial colours of acrylic stucco tend to be more vibrant than traditional stucco, although both can be painted later. Colours are also much more consistent from one batch to the next as compared to traditional stucco.  

Tony William siding crews apply acrylic stucco siding on any type of underlying structures. All base exterior and framing materials (wood, OSB, metal, concrete, etc.) accept acrylic blends without negative health or environmental effects. Ask about mildewcide additives for maximum mould and mildew protection.



With the exception of commercial and flat roof projects, we are currently quoting residential projects to commence in 2021. Thank you for your understanding. 

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Stucco Repair

While your stucco will be very low maintenance for many years, it's not uncommon for small cracks to appear in the surface as your home shifts over time. More serious damage can occur through impact and possible water leakages into the wood sheathing behind the stucco. Any type of stucco damage should be repaired quickly to minimize water damage. Minor hairline cracks can be fixed with a sealant, while more serious damage may require breaking away damaged areas and re-applying stucco. If you notice stucco damage on your home, it's best to call a siding professional as soon as possible. 

Stucco Siding Accents

Click on the images below to see how stucco siding can be accented with other siding materials for a distinctive and completely unique exterior renovation. 

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